Hopefully one of our help sections will have the information you're looking for, but if there’s something else you need help with then please contact us either by clicking here or calling our customer services team on 020 3005 9330.

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Why register?

If you register with us you will be able to see the status of your account, check your next payment and view transactions. You’ll also be able to update your contact details and more. Please click here to register.

What’s the registration process?

There are two steps to our registration process:

  1. Enter your email address (this will be your username) and choose a password
  2. To find your agreement we’ll need your name, date of birth and postcode.

That’s it!

Once basic registration has been completed you’ll be able to access our portal. To allow you to view transactions and personal information we’ll ask you to confirm your email address, and the edit any personal information we’ll need to complete an advanced identify check.

How do I confirm my email address?

After you complete the registration process we’ll send you a confirmation email to the address you registered with. Simply click the link provided in this message and your email address will be fully validated.

What’s an advanced identity check?

Before we can let you update any personal information we need to carry out some extra identity checks to make sure it’s really you. To enable us to do this we need to make a pre-authorisation charge against a debit or credit card that is registered to the same address as that on your agreement, with us. At no stage do we actually take any money from your account.

For most cards this would appear as a £0.00 pending transaction (£0.01 for AMEX) but we immediately cancel this as soon as we’ve completed the checks – which is usually done in a few seconds. Rest assured that we will never take money from your account as part of this identity check.

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How do I change my address?

You can change your address by clicking here.

How do I change my mobile number?

You can change your mobile number by clicking here. Once you’ve updated your number a security code will be sent to your phone, this will be needed to confirm your mobile number and finalise the change.

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Can I make a one off or part payment?

Currently you can only make a payment online if your account is in arears. If this is the case we’ll prompt you for payment when you log in to the portal. Please call us on 020 3005 9330 to discuss your options for other payments.

How to I remove a saved payment card?

If you have previously made a payment and saved your card details then you can remove that card from our system by clicking here.

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How is my personal data used on this website?

For full details of how we store and use your personal data please click here to view our Privacy Policy.